Two years ago, RJ lost his tape measure.

We were in the middle of a project, and after hunting through the whole house and garage several times, he finally was forced to purchase a new one.

A couple of months after he passed away, I found it. It had been tucked away in an unlikely spot, probably by little fingers.

I tenderly held it in my hands and touched every scratch and dent on its surface. It had been well used, and his name has been written in black marker in the grooves on the side. The familiar handwriting brought a smile to my face and tears to my eyes.

It was just a silly little thing, but one that made my heart hurt because I missed him so much. I so wanted to text him, and to let him know, and I missed being able to tell him even the smallest most insignificant things– like the finding of a lost item.


Today I came across it again while I was cleaning.

Once again, I held it in my hands and looked fondly at its imperfections.

Then, the thought came firmly to my mind, “Even though I couldn’t see it, it was there all along.”

I have no doubt that there was a reason we couldn’t find it years ago, and that it was instead planted where I would come across it at a difficult time in my life.

I’m so very thankful for little reminders and for tender mercies.

This tape measure is one for me.

I know that though I can’t see my RJ, he isn’t lost forever. 💙

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