Hello, nice to meet you! I’m Monica.


About me:

I’m a mom of three (two girls and a boy), the lucky wife of Mr. Little, and widow of RJ.

Things I love

Chocolate, Popcorn, Thunderstorms, Traveling, Being Outdoors, Spending time with Family, Road Trips, Yoga Pants, a Good Book, being a Mormon, and shopping in my pajamas (online).

I really am not a “writer”. Somehow however, writing has become a form of therapy for me. When my brain is consumed with grief, memories, thoughts, or ideas, I find that putting it all down on paper (or my laptop) is almost cleansing. If my thoughts can live on paper, they don’t have to take up space in my mind. So I write!

The purpose of this blog is to share my journey through love, loss, motherhood, grief, and the adventure that is life. Thanks for reading!