Bucket List

The experience of losing my husband has been heartbreaking, but has also taught me so much as well. I have a firm desire to LIVE.

Like REALLY live. Not just exist and go through the motions of every day life, but to flourish and thrive and enjoy the beautiful life I have been blessed with.

I feel strongly that the best way to honor my sweet RJ is by remembering him, by following through with the dreams that we had planned together, by making memories, by learning from the loss and treasuring the people that I love in my life, and by being unopologetically happy.

So I have spent the last week typing out this bucket list. It will probably change as I change, but for now, these are some goals that I have set:


-Serve a mission
-Serve as a temple worker
-Keep a journal
-Foster a child
-Anonymously help other widows or single moms
-Watch my children get married
-Become a grandmother
-Attend a birth
-Be an organ donor- completed November 2016
-Volunteer in an Orphanage
-Exercise for one full year
-Become a minimalist
-Pay for a stranger’s groceries
-Experience pregnancy and childbirth with Ryan and have a baby that looks like him ❤
-Attend a temple session with all of my children
-Be a missionary mom


-Write a book
-Be fluent in a second language
-Build the coffee table that RJ was planning on making for me
-Homeschool for one year
-Learn more about photography and be able to be confident in a photo session
-Become an expert gardener


-Visit the Garden of Gethsemane
-Float in the dead sea
-Visit the Glow worm caves in New Zealand
-Visit Aushwits
-See Roman Ruins
-Add a lock to the Love Lock Bridge in Paris
-See the Grand Canyon
-Visit the Amazon
-Eat sushi in Japan
-See the pyramids of Giza
-See the Northern lights in Finland
-Visit a Castle- Completed January 2017 in England, Wales, and Scotland
-Tour a Mayan Ruin
-Go on a safari
-Explore a rainforest
-Visit all 50 States in the US and all of the provinces and territories in Canada
-Visit the Marshall Islands and learn a bit of Marshallese from Ryan
-Explore Pompeii, Italy
-Victoria Falls, Zambia
-Charter a sailboat
-Eat pad Thai in Thailand
-Explore the Greek Isles
-Scuba dive the great barrier reef
-Go on a Church History Tour
-See the Great Wall of China
-Visit Elder and Sister Little in Samoa
-Go to the Dominican Republic, and meet the people RJ served on his mission


-Live on a beach
-Live in the mountains
-Live in a third world county
-Live in my dream home
-Sleep under the stars on a beach
-Swim with Dolphins
-Go on a hot air balloon
-Skinny dip in the ocean
-Get certified to scuba dive
-Let go of a floating lantern
-Catch fireflies
-Go storm chasing
-Go internet free for one month
-Learn how to enjoy snow skiing


-Go hunting with my Dad
-Go on a girls vacation with my Mom
-Build something out of wood with my Grandpa Prince
-Learn how to make Thanksgiving Dressing with Grandma Prince
-Scrapbook and do family history work with Grandma and Grandpa Heath
-Learn to crochet with my mom
-Go on overnight horseback ride with my Dad